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Presbyterian Health Education and Welfare Association equips individuals and communities for lives of dignity and hope through the educational resources, peer support and public advocacy of its ten member networks.

Presbyterian Addiction Action

Presbyterians for Addiction Action (PAA) seeks to promote a healthy life and spiritual maturity. Its stated goal is “the restoration of all individuals to God’s promise of wholeness.” Soteria, the Greek word for both “salvation” or “deliverance,” conveys this promise for us all. As a response to the fractured soul of our addictive culture, PAA advocates living into this wholeness, and hence God’s realm on earth.

Twelve Step Resources
The Twelve Steps and Traditions have transformed the lives of millions addicted to drugs, alcohol, and destructive behaviors. For many it is the foundation of recovery.  Click on the link to be taken to the Intergroup website.  Other helpful websites include Alcoholics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous and 12Step.
If you would like assistance in creating a PAA network chapter in your congregation or presbytery, contact us at:
Check It Out

With the broadcast of the PBS documentary, Prohibition, there has been renewed interest in what the PCUSA has said on issues around alcohol use and abuse. While the last General Assembly policy statement was approved in 1986, the background, theology and recommendations remain a prophetic word to the church and society. To watch the documentary online, click here.  To read the Presbyterian policy statement click here.