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Presbyterian Health Education and Welfare Association equips individuals and communities for lives of dignity and hope through the educational resources, peer support and public advocacy of its ten member networks.

PADVN Resource Packet 2016
"A PADVN Sampler"

October 9, 2016, has been designated on the Presbyterian Planning Calendar as Domestic Violence Awareness Sunday. This year, users of our resources will be able to revisit a sampling of what we feel are some of our strongest resource materials from past observances. 

We hope that this sampler will inspire you to check even more of our resources, all of which are available on this website as well as our denomination's excellent and recently updated one:

PADVN Resource Packets from Previous Years
PADVN Resource Packet 2015

PADVN Resource Packet 2014
"Comprehensive Resources for Congregations"

PADVN Resource Packet 2013
(full packet)

PADVN Resource Packet 2012
"Entering the Brokenness"

Introduction and Table of Contents
Resource Packet

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PADVN Resources have been divided into five broad categories:
1. Children
2. Women
3. Congregational Programs and Worship Resources 
4. Trafficking and Domestic Violence: The Intersection
5. Resources from Previous Years
To download, click on the individual resource link. 
Human trafficking 
and domestic violence: 
the intersection
Resources from previous years

Many of these resources serve as building blocks for the annual packets that followed.  They are particularly helpful for congregations that are in the early stages of developing a Domestic Violence ministry.